Our Services​
FII specializes in Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, and Distribution of Retail/ POP Displays, Advertising Displays, Trade Show Displays, Event Production Fabrications, Marine Plastic Fabrications, Custom Acrylics, and provides Timeless Display Solutions.
  1. Retail/ POP Displays
    Specializing in design, engineering, fabrication, and distribution of plastic retail and point of purchase (POP) displays to enhance and streamline your product to consumer delivery.
  2. Advertising Displays
    Specializing in Design, Engineering, Fabrication, and Distribution of Plastic Advertising Displays, Sigh Holders, Table Tents, Menu Holders, etc.
  3. Trade Show Displays
    We work with our clients to develop trade show displays that enhance branding and marketing strategies. incorporation of graphics, printing, and LED lighting.
  4. Event Production Displays
    We help you bring your events to life with acrylic elements to enhance the customers experience. pedestals, centerpieces, floral stands, podiums, theater and movie props, etc.
  5. Marine Plastic Fabrications
    Specializing in design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of windshields, venturis, instrument bezels, bait tank windows, rod holders, fillet boards, hatch and port light re-lens and re-gasket, glazing, and other marine plastics.
  6. Custom Acrylics
    Museum quality display cases, custom cut panels, in-home acrylics, statue bases, special projects, etc.
  7. Printing
    Complete Printing capabilities from spot color screen printing to High definition Digital Printing on plastics and other substrates for all your branding requirements.
  8. Cosmetic Displays
    Here at First Impression we are your one stop shop for complete processing of your cosmetic displays. Complete construction including graphics and digital printing to kitting packages with product per your specifications.
  9. Distribution
    From parcel shipments to multiple trailers, we meet and exceed all of your shipping and distribution center requirements.